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    The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO b […]

  • Last week Idea World held their annual Fitness and Nutrition Expo here in my hometown of San Diego, aka “America’s Finest City”.  It was a huge success.

    I had planned to attend Fitness Blogfest, which was a […]

    • Thank you for your comment Debbie – and for calling me ignorant and rude. I also appreciate you letting me know the policy about children after reading my first post saying that I’d be there with my baby girl …

    • Hi Christine – thank you for your input – and your view of parenthood and how you think it works.

      It sounds like you have a very skewed and judgmental view of fathers in your daughter’s studio. Perhaps they don’t hang around because of these types of views?

      Regardless, I don’t plan on having a difficult time at all – I fully enjoyed taking my teenage daughter to all her activities when she was younger – as well as volunteering in her school and on field trips – and taking her to and from school.
      For the record, I cannot personally judge anyone, as I do not know their journey and have not walked (or ran) in their shoes – but I do KNOW that people who have more energy and higher fitness levels are probably better fit to represent and sell health and fitness exhibitors than those who don’t.

    • Hahahaha – “overreacting much?” – right on target Briana! Thank you so much for your time, thoughtfulness and overall kindness. I really appreciate you and the other people who took their valuable time to comment! Y’all really put me in my place ….

    • Nice to meet you too Jamie – and congratulations on such a successful and well-planned event! I’m sure it was a lot of hard work to put it all together!

      BTW – I saw some pictures of you with Colby and he is quite studly! I’m sure that both you and your husband’s faces are both hurting from smiling so much (I definitely had that feeling with both my daughters).

      I actually thought I had inquired about child policy after I was given approval, but I obviously fell short of following through. I had thought I saw something on one of the sites about children under 2 being ok as long as they stayed in a stroller – but that must have been for a different event … I take full responsibility of not learning the child policy until after picking up my registration packet. I have since seen that info was covered in the FAQs online. Unfortunately my wife was not able to take time off to cover me and I wasn’t able to arrange other child care (although I still don’t like leaving Ava Kalea with other people).

      Thank you for reaching out and again HUGE congratulations on a successful event and a beautiful, healthy baby boy!

    • Thank you Jamie! Ava Kalea is not always sweet – but she’s A LOT of fun – and her dad is the lucky one!

    • UPDATE: August 2, 2018 – I have been continually attacked and abused on the Blogfest Attendee’s Facebook page by members who did not agree with me – or appreciate my efforts and point of view. Despite the kindness of Blogfest Organizers and many other members who have reached out to me personally, the abuse and negativity from others were more than I signed up for and I had to quit the group. Lots of love, light and Aloha to all! In the words of the late Captain Stickey, “Onward and Upward”

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    • Thanks for the great advice Tim. I’m good with the ratio, just get tired of being referred to as ladies or girls. It might hit home here especially hard, since I am a Stay at Home Dad …

      I’m definitely looking forward to the event – making some really great connections, and figuring out ways I can best contribute.

      You are right about knowing your audience and I know mine is probably different than many (most?)in the group!

  • New Nutrition Program 2B Mindset from BeachBody requires ZERO exercise
    Order the 2B Mindset Nutrition Program by June 3rd and SAVE $20

    Team BeachBody recently came out with a new nutrition program for people […]

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  • Yesterday was supposed to be the start of the first ever “Challenge Group” that I was putting together for my new online fitness coaching business.  I did a terrible of promoting it, recruiting for it, preparing […]

    • I know you will make sharing with others the knowledge and tools you have with others a priority as you have made myself and our kids. Love you!

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  • Hello Be More Tribe!

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